How To Talk To Patients And Effectively Market Your Clear Mind System

One of the biggest questions we are often asked is how to talk to patients about neurofeedback and the clear mind system. Many doctors tell us that they are concerned about discussing the results of a brain map with confidence.

the good news is that the brain that report is a very detailed document that displays not only symptoms, but the presence of certain conditions. This alone provides enough information for you to give your customers an accurate analysis.

Keep in mind that true knowledge comes from studying and observing. To really talk to patients with confidence, you should plan on spending as many hours as possible reviewing the archived lunch-and-learn webinars that are on this site. For example, if you want to identify the markers for anxiety, depression, ADHD or other conditions, you should visit our lunch and learn page and pull up a video with that condition in the title. Dr. Soutar does an excellent job of explaining the markers that are present with certain conditions.

After watching enough of these, you should be able to identify those markers on your own . This will give you the confidence that you need to talk to your patients in the same way you talk to them about your other Primary Care Services.

Marketing Tips

Here are several tips on how to get people in the door for a brain map

Target your existing customers with a mailer or wall poster 

If you have an established practice, then these are by far the best people to target. They are already familiar with your services and quality of care. A great way to initiate a dialogue without doing any sales talk is to put a poster on your waiting room door. Many patients in the waiting room spend a lot of time looking around the office. A neurofeedback poster on the door will get a lot of attention and arouse curiosity. Often times many patients will come into the exam room and ask about neurofeedback, all because they saw the poster on the door. This is an excellent way to start a dialogue without having to say a word. You can view poster examples on our Marketing page.

Alternatively, a postcard or personalized letter is also an effective marketing tool for existing customers. Existing customers are more likely to recognize your practice on a postcard or letter and read it’s contents. This gives you another opportunity to pique their curiosity and get them to call for more information .

Offer An Introductory Price For A Brain Map

While the suggested price for a brain map is usually $500 or more, it’s best when starting out to set your brain map costs low. We usually recommend anywhere from $49 up to $99. There is a very good reason for this: the goal is to get as many people in the door as possible so that you can not only get comfortable with the brain mapping process, but also build your customer base from referrals. in addition, it is far easier to sell people on a neurofeedback package if they can see a brain map for themselves and discover the specific areas of the brain that are out of balance. Given that the cost of mapping people is low, it makes more sense to offer the maps at a low price to get more people in the door.

Offer A Free Session With Every Brain Map

There are two very good reasons for doing this. One is that giving them a session immediately following a brain map gives you the opportunity to upload the map and review the results before they are done with their session. Instead of running a session from the brain map, we highly recommend running an Optimizer session on any new customer who gets a brain map. The reason is simple: the optimizer is designed to give the brain a boost, increase Focus and attention, and make them feel more alert. Many people will often feel a difference after doing an Optimizer session. This positive change after just one session will make them far more likely to sign up for care.


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