Clear Mind Center offers Clinical, Academic, and Technician certification for Neurofeedback through our partner Dr. Richard Soutar and New Mind Academy. We certify individuals who meet education and training standards in neurofeedback and progressively recertify those who advance their knowledge through continuing education.

Level 2 training is designed by Dr. Richard Soutar and Denise Hetrick for clinicians and doctors who already have a basic knowledge for neurofeedback and how the Clear Mind System operates.  Below is a explanation of the topics covered in the Level 2 course.


  • Electrophysiology
    – Frequency & Filters
    – Component Bands Analysis
  • Anatomy & Physiology
    – Function & Location
    – Symptom & Location
    – Functional vs. Effective Connectivity
    – Activation
  • The Normal Distribution & EEG
    – Default Network
    – Optimal Performance Zone
    – Abnormal Patterns of Distribution


  • Managing Artifacts
    – Dimensions of qEEG
    – Measures of Connectivity vs. Activation
    – Magnitude
    – Dominant Frequency
    – Coherence
    – Phase
  • Report Interpretation
    – Multivariate Analysis
    – Dashboard Analysis
    – Protocol Analysis
  • Pre-Post Analysis
    – Patterns of Change in EEG Distribution
    – Client Presentation of Results
  • Training Component Bands
    – Filters & Thresholds
    – Evaluating Training Results
    – Correlating Component Bands with Maps
    – Harmonic Effects of Entrainment


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